17 febrero 2010

Ocupan el Instituto Cervantes para solidarizarse con los trabajadores turcos de TEKEL

Para leer la noticia pincha aquí

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ENRIC dijo...

Merhaba Andrés,

Si tienes interés en algunas imágenes filmadas del "evento" aquí hay algunas (calidad nefasta pero...):


Salud !

Anónimo dijo...

The sympathy I had with the wokers has now been lost completely. The workers have just insulted Spain for self-serving cynical reasons. I hope that all the workers are now sacked - ignorant fools.

NdT dijo...

Hi Anonimous commentator: You have been publishing that commentary in all turkish and foreign media webpages. Don't know why.
But, for the good of our readers, I must say that the occupants were not workers but political activist (members of the leftist party SDP). You can be in favour or against that mean of protest, but please don't fool the readers.